VIES Return

27 April 2022

In the last few days, Revenue appear to have pressed a global VIES return reminder button as we have received enquiries from a number of clients about these forms which they were never aware of and had never filed before

As regards VIES, there is no threshold.

Each VAT registered trader who zero-rates goods and/or services to a VAT registered trader in another Member State must submit a VIES Statement regardless of value.

A statement is required in respect of each calendar month if the value of supplies exceeds the quarterly threshold of €50,000 for goods. 

If the estimated value of supply of goods is under €50,000 per quarter, the trader can opt to submit quarterly returns.

Suppliers of services only  may opt to file quarterly or monthly statements .

N.B. Where a supplier makes no supplies to other Member States in a particular period, a “Nil” statement must be submitted for that period.

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Copy of the Revenue VIES manual for reference :

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