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BIK on Employer Provided Motor Vehicles and Van (changes from 1 Jan 2023)

From 2023 the basis for calculating the cash equivalent of motor vehicles or Vans provided by employers has changed.

Motor Vehicles

The basis for calculating the cash equivalent of motor vehicles provided to employees has changed to a system linked to the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. as well as business mileage.

MV BIK Bands

MV BIK CO2 categories

For some employees they may find that their BIK (ie their tax bill) will increase as a result of these changes.

Electric Vehicles

For an electric vehicle made available for an employee’s private use during 2023 , the cash equivalent will be calculated based on the actual OMV of the vehicle reduced by €35,000. This deduction reduces to €20,000 in 2024 and €10,000 in 2025.

The Revenue Guide has also been updated to provide the following commentary in relation to charging points for EV's and reimbursement of home electricity costs :

"An exemption from BIK also applies where an employer provides a charging point for EV’s on their business premises, on the condition that the facility is available to all employees.

This exemption does not extend to the provision or installation of an electric vehicle charge point at an employee’s private address, and in that scenario a BIK charge applies.

In principle, where an employer is providing a car to their employee and the employee is incurring home electricity costs, provided it can be shown that the employer is only reimbursing for the running costs of that employer vehicle, it would be reasonable for this reimbursement to be paid free of tax. This would be conditional on the employer retaining sufficient supporting documents to verify the amount of the reimbursed cost."


From 1 January 2023 the cash equivalent of the use of a van has increased to 8%  (from 5% previously) of the OMV of the van.

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1 January 2023